Over the last few weeks, things have been interesting to say the least. A team member hit some very tough personal issues and needed to leave the team to sort things out. We wish them the best. We’re in the process of finding someone else so that we can get back on track. We have a few candidates to talk to, but it will take time to vet them. 

What this means is that we don’t have an ETA for releasing the game. We’ve decided to stop taking preorders and have reached out to the folks who have preordered the game.  We’re still very excited about the game, but I don’t want us to compromise on quality. The bottom line is that we underestimated how long testing would take and that was a major cause for the delays that have occurred. Our enthusiasm got the best of us. We all sincerely apologize for misjudging the release date of the game (twice). We will keep plugging away and will update when we have news to share. 

Thank you for your patience. 

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