Tag Team Matches

The core rules for Fast Action Wrestling will have the rules for running tag team matches. The flow for tag matches is similar to singles matches with a few small differences. In addition to the individual wrestler cards, each team in the match will have their own tag team card. There are two types of tag team cards: Custom Tag Team Cards and Basic Tag Team Cards. Custom Tag Team Cards are for teams that frequently tag together and will have actions and finishes specific to that team. Basic Tag Team Cards are used for ad hoc tag teams and have basic tag team actions on them. The initial wrestler set that will be released with the core rules will have Custom Tag Team Cards for several popular tag teams and six man combinations. Additionally there will be Basic Tag Team Cards for tag team, six man, and 8 man combinations.

During a tag match, the action switches between the tag team cards and the individual wrestler cards depending on the dice roll. Momentum is tracked per team while damage is tracked for each wrestler in the match. The tag team card also determines when wrestlers tag out to another team member. Every effort has been made to cover all of the bases in a tag team match.

Fast Action Wrestling handles tag matches as simply and elegantly as singles matches. Double teaming, hot tags, tag team specialty moves, and tag team finishers are all there. The specifics of tag team matches are in the core rules which are coming soon!

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Sep 14, 2019

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